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Kids Martial Arts

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Karate Over 50

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Karate is art from Okinawa that deals with very direct use of hand and foot skills combined with weapons and angular throwing techniques.

Jiu Jitsu combines throwing and striking techniques enhancing for close in self-protection.

Kung Fu involves the use of hand foot throwing and locking techniques stressing the use of the circular technique.

Internal Energy Plus combines traditional martial arts with integrated martial arts to bring out one’s own unique style and black belt.


1 hour Private Class – $110

30 min Private Class – $60

2 classes per week – $240 monthly

45 min Group Class – $30

Group students are required to come at least twice per week.


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All private lessons are done by appointment only.

Free consultation and evaluation are offered to assess the students’ needs and goals.

The initial introduction of $50 for uniform and other equipment is required.