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Jiu Jitsu – What is it?

You’re walking home at night when suddenly you’re attacked. A mountain of a man puts his hands on you and threatens you. You need to defend yourself. Are you able to?

Jiu jitsu (or alternatively, jiu jutsu) is a martial practice that deals with disabling an opponent at close quarters. Whether armed or unarmed, whether bigger or smaller than you, knowing how to properly defend yourself in these situations is critical. An aggressor will often try to close the distance between himself and you as fast as possible to minimize your chances of escape. If he can place his hands on you and hold you firm, you are in a much worse position than if you are able to keep distance and fight or escape.

I knew learning jiu jitsu would be a challenge and that’s why I wanted Joe to be my teacher. He gave me great attention, helped me break bad habits early and when I went on to win local tournaments, not only did I feel great, but I could see the pride in his eyes.
Dean Goldman | 1st Degree Black Belt

With a thorough study of jiu jitsu, these situations are much more manageable. Throws, grappling techniques and pinning your opponent become the paramount ideas a student learns to develop through a study in jiu jitsu. With the right mindset and practice, students learn how to overcome an aggressor at close quarters despite their physical disadvantage or the possibility of the attacker wielding a weapon.

Who Should Practice Jiu Jitsu?

Everyone! For children and adults, young and old, and male and female, the applications of jiu jitsu training not only translate into greater confidence and an increased ability to defend oneself, but also into a stronger physical condition that benefits everyday tasks.

Students of jiu jitsu are taught how to properly fall and brace themselves for impact. For seniors or children who play sports, learning how to control a fall to the ground can prevent potentially serious injuries.

Benefits of Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu trains and sharpens a student’s body awareness and their ability to accurately size up an opponent.

Students learn their own strength and how to take advantage of the body’s natural movements to use them to their benefit. Learning the sensitive and vulnerable areas of the body can help a student learn how to disable an attacker who may have a considerable size or strength advantage. Learning to grapple can prove infinitely valuable when the fight heads to the ground. Against opponents who prefer close quarters action such as wrestlers, a jiu jitsu study can help tilt the balance in your favor.

Mentally, jiu jitsu can prepare a student to properly react to a sudden grab or grapple from an opponent. When an average person is suddenly grabbed, instincts to panic and act rash often flair up. But with a proper jiu jitsu education, one can learn to control these impulses and act quickly and effectively to neutralize a threat.

Applying a jiu jitsu education can affect every day tasks as well. With extensive training in proper ways to fall and how to properly defend yourself from the floor, the next time you lose your balance on slippery ground you can be ready to minimize the impact and recover more quickly. This is especially great for seniors, for whom slips and falls can sometimes cause more serious injury than in younger people.

Self Confidence in School

Many young people are bullied in school. These bullies are often intimidating and physically imposing. With jiu jitsu training, your child doesn’t need to worry about getting into a fight or being victimized.

Having the self-confidence to know what to do in the event of a physical attack can often mean the difference of whether a fight even begins at all or not.

Parents, rest assured that your children are taught always with safety in mind first. Soke Joe instructs students both in groups and privately. But the most important lesson is in respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others instills values in children that they take with them from soccer practice, to the playground, to the classroom.

Inside Soke Joe’s hombu, respect, self-discipline and quality instruction are key. Master your art by first mastering yourself through training and dedication.

Why is Soke Joe the right teacher for you?


With a tenth-degree black belt and over 40 years experience in jiu jitsu, Soke Joe Droual is Huntington’s leader in martial arts instruction.

With a hands-on approach that helps children and adults alike succeed through mentoring, classes and private instruction, Soke Joe’s jiu jitsu knowledge and experience have proved time and time again to bring a high quality training program to the student.

Employing traditional and new teaching methods, he and his students have excelled, winning tournaments both local and abroad.

Jiu Jitsu Training is great for kids!

Why Jiu Jitsu?

  • Soke Joe Droual is the most experienced martial arts instructor on Long Island.
  • As an esteemed member of the community, his reputation precedes him
  • Gain the inner confidence you need. Develop strength and discipline while learning practical self defense techniques for real world situations.
  • Regain lost energy and strength.
  • Learn from Soke Joe’s decades of experience in a class of likeminded peers.
  • Benefit from years of experience.
  • Kids will learn inner strength in a safe, fun environment with quality Martial arts instruction.


Soke Joe gave me a renewed sense of vigor. I’ve seen my energy increase and I feel more confident in my everyday tasks and even my wife says she’s noticed a change in me. Thanks to Soke Joe’s self defense class, I feel better and more confident going through my day.

Michael Brown / Huntington

For my son, Danny, Soke Joe’s martial arts program was perfect. Danny can’t wait to achieve his next belt and Soke Joe has helped him accomplish things he didn’t think he could. Danny is doing better in school now and I think martial arts has done a lot for him.

Jon Chin / Northport

I was mugged in broad daylight a year ago and I found Soke Joe’s self defense class through a coworker. Since then, I feel like I have the tools to better defend myself and I feel confident! Gaining strength and endurance is a great benefit too!

Greg McNally / Woodbury

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