Martial Arts Classes

Why take martial arts classes?

People have different ideas about martial arts classes. Some view it as violent but this isn’t the truth.

Martial arts come from most societies on earth. Recognizing the importance of unarmed fighting, our ancestors took great pains to develop combat systems that were both practical and instilled discipline in their young men. Martial arts evolved throughout the centuries and now, they are both a practical defense method and a way to build self-discipline and self-confidence.

With a thorough understanding of martial arts, students explore self-defense. They take control over their lives in every aspect and martial arts teaches self-discipline and self-confidence. Also, it teaches strength, speed, agility and flexibility.

Who Should Practice Martial Arts?

Everyone with a desire to improve their life benefits from martial arts. You engage with a tradition that stretches back thousands of years into antiquity, and you improve every aspect of your life in the process. At New York Martial Arts, we have programs for seniors, children and adults of all levels of practice and physical condition.

What are the benefits of martial arts training and practice?

Martial arts classes train and develop students physically and mentally. Whatever martial art is studied, they all have several common traits. The development of strength, speed and flexibility are important goals for martial arts. They learn through training how to build endurance physically and mentally but more importantly, they build mental toughness as well. “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it spreads into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

People who study martial arts bolster their own self-confidence and self-discipline. By constantly training and seeing progress, a person can start to apply their mindset to other areas of life and they are more resistant to impulsive decisions and rash thinking. With a proper martial arts education, one can learn to control these impulses and act quickly and effectively to neutralize threats, both on the streets and within themselves. Work together with classmates and boost health at the same time. Take advantage of quality instruction and notice the changes in your body. Soke Joe believes that quality instruction is important and he works hard for you.

Applying martial arts training to daily life yields great benefits and develops a person’s inner strength. Apart from the mental exercise and self-confidence, practitioners find that they are more physically equipped for modern life. We live in a sedentary world where today more people sit in an office chair than work outdoors. With a consistent karate practice, students feel the positive effects of exercise throughout their lives. These effects are well-documented and include a healthier body, mind and a lower risk of developing heart disease and other serious illnesses.

Martial Arts from the Hombu to the Classroom

Martial arts make a difference for young people victimized by school bullies. This is not necessarily how you might think. First, develop the knowledge of martial arts and get into the practice of setting goals and achieving them. Confidence is key and it’s important. The simple confidence a student gets from their training prevents fights from starting. Students who practice martial arts do better in school and learn how to take things on and succeed.

Parents need to be sure their child is in good hands and Soke Joe makes safety the top priority. Soke Joe teaches in private sessions and in group classes, and the most important lesson is respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others instills values in children that they take with them when they leave the class.

What martial arts styles does Soke Joe teach?

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Soke Joe is Huntington’s leader in training. He has a tenth-degree black belt in karate and jiu jitsu and as a teacher, he delivers a high quality training program. Joe makes it his mission to provide individual attention to students and he trains with this in mind. He trains students who excel in both their personal lives and in tournaments, while maintaining his focus on proper training in martial arts classes. Using great form is needed for right training and also is the key to safety.

“Our son does much better in school now thanks to Joe’s teaching and martial arts classes. While at first I was nervous if the class would be dangerous, I see now that he takes safety seriously.” – Deborah Masi, Cold Spring Harbor

Inside Soke Joe’s hombu, respect, hard work and safety are key. Master your art by first mastering yourself and learn skills at the same time.

martial arts classes and Jiu Jitsu Training is great for kids!

Why Martial Arts?

  • Soke Joe Droual is the most experienced martial arts instructor on Long Island.
  • As an esteemed member of the community, his reputation precedes him
  • Gain the inner confidence you need. Develop strength and discipline while learning practical self defense techniques for real world situations.
  • Regain lost energy and strength.
  • Learn from Soke Joe’s decades of experience in a class of likeminded peers.
  • Benefit from years of experience.
  • Kids will learn inner strength in a safe, fun environment with quality Martial arts instruction.


Soke Joe gave me a renewed sense of vigor. I’ve seen my energy increase and I feel more confident in my everyday tasks and even my wife says she’s noticed a change in me. Thanks to Soke Joe’s self defense class, I feel better and more confident going through my day.

Michael Brown / Huntington

For my son, Danny, Soke Joe’s martial arts program was perfect. Danny can’t wait to achieve his next belt and Soke Joe has helped him accomplish things he didn’t think he could. Danny is doing better in school now and I think martial arts has done a lot for him.

Jon Chin / Northport

I was mugged in broad daylight a year ago and I found Soke Joe’s self defense class through a coworker. Since then, I feel like I have the tools to better defend myself and I feel confident! Gaining strength and endurance is a great benefit too!

Greg McNally / Woodbury

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